Rethinking Philanthropy

Rethinking Philanthropy. Can philanthropy bridge the development gap? The topic will be debated during a one-day conference held in Geneva on 12th October 2017.

Water turned into gold!

Faced with severe climatic constraints, small farmers in Myanmar’s Dry Zone adopt tried-and-tested agricultural techniques to fight erosion, and improve water and soil conservation.

Why does water matter?

Yes, why does it matter? That may seem like a silly question, because of course it matters! Today, on World Water Day 2016, we want to highlight the role clean water plays in health, education and livelihoods.

Inspiring Future Explorers

On the 27 and 28 of January 2018, the IDEAS Hub at Dover Campus collaborated with Hong Kong City University (City U ROV team) to offer two underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) workshops, Mini ROV and Basic ROV. In these workshops, students from a…