Olivia B. Safavi


Olivia Safavi is currently obtaining her bachelor’s degree. Prior to her university studies, she obtained her International Baccalaureate degree in Singapore. As a member of the Board of Directors, she is responsible for monitoring the success of programmes and is involved in the evaluation of potential future programmes.

Prior to her role as a member of the Board of Directors, Olivia was responsible for the advancement of Project Sweet Tooth, a not for profit organisation she co-founded with her sisters that benefits orphan children in Indonesia with the help of a community of several thousand volunteer children and adults while attending United World College of South East Asia. Olivia is responsible for the development of the newly formed relationship with San Francisco Rock Project, and future collaborative projects currently in development.

Olivia is fluent in three languages, has travelled to 32 countries and was co-producer of the S.F. Rock Project online concert during the COVID pandemic.