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Save the Oceans, Feed the World

Business Brains

Restoration of rights key to Myanmar refugee return

Safavi Philanthropic Initiative Scholarships

PARTNERS Principles

Livestock Vaccination

Illegal Fishing


Music Project – “Voices of Haiti”

School Awesomisation

OneGirl Scholarships

UNHCR Rohingya Emergency

Emergency Iraq

Project Soar Program

ABF Water Truck

Global Conservation Fund

Virginia Project

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Education Programs

Predation Prevention

EDU Project – St Raphael

Emergency Syria

Protecting 1500 km² of Ocean in Sumbawa, Indonesia for 5 years

Ryan’s Well Foundation

Combatting Poaching

Camera Trapping

Responsible Fishing

Snow Leopard Enterprises

Reconstruction Sarnano School – Center Italy earthquake emergency

Livestock Insurance

100 days of horror and hope: A timeline of the Rohingya crisis

Haiti Emergency Project – Hurricane Matthew