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PARTNERS Principles

Livestock Insurance

Safavi Philanthropic Initiative Scholarships


Haiti Emergency Project – Hurricane Matthew

Emergency Syria

Camera Trapping

School Awesomisation

Global Conservation Fund

Education Programs

Protecting 1500 km² of Ocean in Sumbawa, Indonesia for 5 years

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Illegal Fishing

Livestock Vaccination

UNHCR Rohingya Emergency

Reconstruction Sarnano School – Center Italy earthquake emergency

100 days of horror and hope: A timeline of the Rohingya crisis

ABF Water Truck

Responsible Fishing

Restoration of rights key to Myanmar refugee return

Business Brains

EDU Project – St Raphael

Ryan’s Well Foundation

Save the Oceans, Feed the World

Virginia Project

Project Soar Program

Music Project – “Voices of Haiti”

Combatting Poaching

Snow Leopard Enterprises

OneGirl Scholarships


Predation Prevention

Emergency Iraq