ABF Water Truck

Initiative: Breaking the Barriers Program
Partner / Beneficiary: Andrea Bocelli Foundation


The St. Luc Foundation is a Haitian, nonprofit, Catholic foundation dedicated to education, healthcare, community development, agricultural investment and emergency relief programs, whose activities impact up to 90.000 people a year. Founded by Father Rick Frechette CP, an American priest and physician, and developed and expanded under the leadership of Jean Nebez Augustin, the foundation is the fruit of more than 26 years of experience of working in Haiti.

Special emphasis is placed on working with young Haitians, many of them raised in the orphanages of Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs, sharing with them a vision of the development of Haiti based on hard work, integrity, Christian values, and the insights elicited from the young Haitians themselves. The programs of the Saint Luc Foundation employ over 1,000 people.


Since 2013 the Foundation has supported a tanker truck that distributes water in the slums of Cité Soleil, every day, three times a day, and 6 days a week. Having understood its effectiveness and need, the Foundation has decided, since 2014, to double its commitment with a second truck.


  1. Allow free access to water to the families of the Cité Soleil slums
  2. improve health-hygiene conditions
  3. reduce the transmission of infectious diseases
  4. reduce deaths from dehydration in infants and elderly people.


  • Number of direct beneficiaries: 300,000
  • Staff involved: 6 units


A recent UNICEF report has stated that more than 9 million people in Haiti live without having access to water. In the capital Port au Prince, many of the main water pipes were destroyed in the earthquake of 2010 in addition to many of the wells which are currently dry. The possibility to have, every day, clean water to drink, to use for cooking, and to take care of one’s hygiene, is something essential for survival, but also to avoid spreading diseases, first of all cholera and epidemics related to poor hygiene or lack thereof.


The Andrea Bocelli Foundation supports:

  • distribution, of drinking water in the slums with, a 6 wheel tank truck 6 days a week 3 times a day;
  • distribution, of drinking water in the slums with, a 10 wheel tank truck 6 days a week 3 times a day;
  • Covering of the annual maintenance costs of the 2 trucks
  • Purchase of water and oil;
  • Annual coverage of the salaries of employees


Source: https://www.andreabocellifoundation.org/projects/abf-water-truck/