Protecting 1500 km² of Ocean in Sumbawa, Indonesia for 5 years

Initiative: Marine Conservation
Partner / Beneficiary: Conservation international

We are a proud supporter of Conservation International (CI) with the help of our Singapore based company Asia Coatings Enterprises, Pte. Ltd.

We have made a five-year commitment supporting CI’s work to improve the management of 1500 km2 of marine area in Saleh Bay in Sumbawa, through a combination of policy, community conservation outreach and effective monitoring and surveillance.


The support allows CI to identify and monitor the endangered whale shark population and work with local communities to establish sustainable tourism practices that provide a strong incentive for long-term sustainable management for this remarkable marine area.

Whale Shark at Saleh Bay

Also known as CI’s “Elasmobranch Program”, this initiative will build local capacity around whale shark and marine conservation, as well as sustainable tourism practices and marine conservation policy at national and provincial government levels. With partner support and by engaging with communities and governments, CI will lead conservation efforts to achieve strong conservation practices and appropriate management practices for the entire Saleh Bay.