Reconstruction Sarnano School – Center Italy earthquake emergency

Initiative: Breaking the Barriers Program
Partner / Beneficiary: Andrea Bocelli Foundation


ABF direct Intervention project


Only the Brave Foundation, Extraordinary Commissioner of the Italian Government for Reconstruction, Municipality of Sarnano


Andrea Bocelli Foundation and Only The Brave Foundation, united in the desire to carry out concrete and solidarity projects at an international level, aim at bringing back  normality in the future of the many young people of Sarnano, a medieval village rich in history, located in the province of Macerata, whose artistic heritage has been severely affected by the earthquake.

Andrea Bocelli Foundation and Only the Brave Foundation have decided, therefore, to join forces to reconstruct the ‘Giacomo Leopardi Secondary School’, which had been declared unfit because severely struck by the earthquake last summer. The works have been started together with the Offices of the Commissioner of the Italian Government for Reconstruction, and the school will be donated ‘turnkey’ to the local administration.

The new structure, that will be carried out with modern and anti-seismic construction techniques will welcome the one hundred students, in a short time, to allow them to return regularly to attend their lessons in a new and safe building.


  • Realize the new secondary school G. Leopardi;
  • Restore the normal course of teaching activities;
  • Give back to the Comunnity of Sarnano and to its young inhabitants confidence and hope in the future.


  • Number of students involved: 100
  • Number of inhabitants of Sarnano: 3,268


On August 24th 2016 at 3:36 a.m. a magnitude 6.0 earthquake stroke Central Italy, affecting the territories of Abruzzo, Lazio, Marche and Umbria. Thousands of people were involved in the event that provoked 299 victims, many injured people and serious damages to the territory.

On October 26th and 30th new violent earthquakes affected Central Italy, particularly the border between Umbria and Marche. The shock of October 30th – magnitude 6.5 – was the strongest in Italy in the last thirty years, the number of homeless people – as well as the damages – grew exponentially but there were no victims.


Andrea Bocelli Foundation supports:

  • project of reconstruction of the school
  • coordination of activities with the Extraordinary Commissioner for Reconstruction
  • coordination with project partners, both private and public.