Close-up on Peruvian miners

CHALLENGE: Emergency Response
COUNTRY: Mozambique
PARTNER: Women for Women International

Solidaridad has been working in Peru with medium-scale mine Minera Yanaquiha to improve both miners’ working conditions and livelihoods. A recent video shows the remarkable progress achieved in the last two years.

Minera Yanaquihua is located in a sparsely populated mountainous area 160 km northwest of the city of Arequipa and 10 km from the village of Yanaquihua.
It is one of the medium-scale mines our partner Solidaridad has engaged with to ensure improved, more transparent and more accountable practices.

Solidaridad works in Peru both to improve miners’ working conditions, with the aim of formalizing their activity, and to improve their livelihoods through access to essential health services.

Artisanal miners used to work in and around the mine using damaging environmental practices, such as processing gold ore with mercury in primitive mills and cyanide in unlined pits. Most of them were not formalised and did not have the appropriate permits.

Find out the remarkable progress achieved and the direct benefits for miners’ conditions in this video.