Gamifying for Good – IDEA Hacks 2017

After a weekend of hacking, the winning teams that emerged were:

  • Overall winners: Team Memorentia with their iOS app that helps to detect the onzet of Alzheimers using games that test memory, spatial and reasoning skills that are medically-certified. Currently, they’re targeting the American market due to the wealth of data (time to complete the games etc vs risk of Alzheimers etc) available for comparison. Future plans include sending the data from the games to health professionals.
  • Honorable Mention (Software): Team Unicorn with their app, Foodie, that encourages you to track your calorie intake with some nifty tools including a food detector using augmented reality. The longer you stick to your calorie plan, the more points and rewards you earn.
  • Honorable Mention (Hardware): Team Titanic SImulator with their game for the blind. Users sit in the chair and strap in for a fun ride. The gameplay includes tactile controls, audio instructions, vibration motors to simulate motion and even a servo-powered saltwater spray to really bring the ocean into the room.
  • Participants Choice 1: Team Mixtape_squad created a game that educates users on the immune system called Immunity. Beautifully rendered and fun to play, it was done on GameMaker Studio and a treat to watch!
  • Participants Choice 2: Team Hackermen created a game called  that teaches Middle Schooler students about space.

Congratulations! If you are interested in participating in IDEA Hack 2018, send an email to: